What we all need...

Feb 14, 2009 at 9:08 AM
The aim of DBA Headquarters is to provide effective tools for SQL Server administrators.

I have built these tools for my own use in a highly diverse traffic heavy and fast development life cycle environment which has delivered many challenges. I have had a grand experience facing and resolving these. With the right answers its not hard to be a hero as a DBA. The ideas, tools, tricks, scripts, algorithms and and theories used in DBA Headquarters have mostly been acquired from hundreds of articles and sources generally avaiable to the public. Microsoft has been the largest contributor through all the knowledgebase and forum related articles, free software and tools, ambitious product teams, the associated guru MVPs and even the creative marketing folk at big blue have nothing less that inspired me, and even more so, thrilled me with what I deem to be amazing work. Bravo.

Together these resources have been combined into this proven working solution for complex immediate problems and needs in daily SQL Server environments. That said, it is still and always imperitive to strive for more and better knowledge. I invite all with an interest to partcipate, provide suggestions, comments, and direct feature requests for tools, solutions, or just answers. We all strive for the betterment of our data, our databases, servers and personal professional development. Join this effort that pays back with accomplishment.

 I look forward to what can be derived asf the BEST TOOLSET FOR SQL SERVER yet.


Alek Mayer Kirstein

 In accomplishing this development I sincerely cannot take credit beyond the time amd efforts to sit and do this work, and it has paid off nicely for me and the systems I am using this software to keep stable and efficient. So please submit ideas on what features you would hope find that would most help your day go a little bit better. I've covered several areas of common interest and daily DBA needs, i.e. backups, performance, logs, current activity, security, compliance. What do you feel is missing?